TheJoyceanBooknerd BookTube Channel Is Live!

I’ve been dreaming of creating a BookTube channel for such a long time and now, I’m happy (and terrified) to say that IT’S FINALLY HERE!

Being a part of the Bookstagram community and meeting so many wonderful readers there has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me. It introduced me to countless new authors, genres, and books that I never would have discovered if it weren’t for Bookstagram, and on top of that, it introduced me to BookTube! After spending almost two years lurking in the shadows (I was even too scared to comment – don’t even ask why, I have no idea), I’ve decided:

Screw it! Why not share your passion with the world?! What’s so scary about it?

Other than the overwhelming fear of humiliation? Nothing! I always have so much to say about the books I read and I love discussing them with my friends. So, that is why I made this channel. I want to talk about books with you, rant about them, cherish them, talk about other bookish things, and have fun sharing my passion for literature with you all, because bookish friends are the best of friends.

So, if you’d like to know more about this channel and the kind of things I’ll be posting on there, feel free to check it out!



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